36 Tactics

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English Translations

Helen Xiaoyan Wu  wrote:

I believe there are many English versions of the 36 Stratagems.  Below
are the three of them that I have collected.

Gao Yuan.  _Lure the Tiger out of the Mountains: The 36 Stratagems of
Ancient China_.  New York/Sydney/London/Tokyo/Toronto/Singapore: Simon
& Schuster, 1991.
[Call no.] HD30.28.G36 1991
ISBN 0-671-69489-8

Sun Haichen.  _The Wiles of War: 36 Military Strategies from Ancient
China_.  Beijing: Foreign Languages, 1991 [2nd printing 1993].
ISBN 0-8351-2795-8
ISBN 7-119-01399-8
        [This book may be available in your local Chinatown bookstore.
        I bought it in Chinatown, Toronto.]

Wang Xuanming.  _Thirty-six Stratagems_.  Trans. by Koh Koh Kiang
(comics) and Liu (texts of the stratagems).  Rev. ed.  Asiapac Books.
Singapore: Asiapac, 1993
[1st ed. 1992; rev. ed. 1993; reprinted June 1993, Feb. 1994]
ISBN 9971-985-94-2
        [May be available in your local Chinatown bookstore or a big,
        general bookstore.]

All the above three are excellent though the third one is less
scholastic.  They are complementary, i.e., you can't take one to
replace the other.
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