Chinese Lunar Calendar

This page gives the day of all new Moons in the indicated year, as well as the day of winter solstices of the previous year and the next year. All computation of this Javascript program is done on your own computer. If you wish you can save this page in a file and use it even when not connected to the Internet. This javascript is used for studying Chinese lunar calendar. If you use it for "astrology" such as Zi Wei Dou Shu, use at your own risk.

Here are rules for the Chinese Lunar Calendar.
1. Calculations are based on the meridian at longitude 120° East.
2. The day of the new moon is the 1st day of a lunar month.
3. In the Chinese lunar calendar year, the eleventh month always has the December solstice in it.
4. If there are 13 months between two December solstices, the first month that does not has Zhong Qi is an intercalary month, Run Yue, in the Chinese lunar calendar.

The day of the preceding December solstice: 
The day of the next December solstice: 
The first day of 11th month of the previous year: 
Zheng Yue, The first day of the first lunar month: 
The first day of intercalary month 


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