Taiping huanyuji 太平寰宇记
Selected quotations
〔宋〕 乐史撰 (930~1007)

    Taiping huanyuji 太平寰宇记

  • 人為紇真山神泉歌


    There is a divine well on the top of He Zhen mountain. However, the water there is so cold that itchills to the bones.

  • 鄴人金鳳舊歌


    There are two gold pheonixes on the Fong Yang gate. One has flown to the Zhang River, and the other one is fastened by a lock.

  • 磁州鼓山俗語


    There are two rock drums on the Drum mountain of Ci Zhou. One in the north, the other in the south.

  • 清豐故老傳語


    At the source of the Jin Ti River, there is a Qin Women's tower.

  • 時人為二陸三張語


    If those two Mr. Lu's should come to Luo (place name), then those three Zhang brothers would not appear as outstanding in their literary work.

  • 漁陽耆舊言


    There is a rock drum on Yan Moutnain. When one plays it, it is as though there are soldiers marching around.

  • 南溪縣故老傳語


    There are two rocks facing each other across the Qing Yi River. It is where one may pray for begetting a son.

  • 長興石鼓諺


    When the rock drum is being played, it sounds as though there is an army.

  • 長水縣土人謠


    An emperor will come out of that market on the river. A folk saying in Chang Shui County.

  • 永嘉飲食諺


    When one can really eat, one is said as to have a belly like the San Jing Bay.

  • 南鄭旱山諺


    A folk saying concerning the Han mountain in Nan Zheng county. It says that when there are clouds on that mountain, one should not take out one's dry grains to lend to people, asrain will come with the cloud.

  • 襄陽民為胡烈歌

    譬春之陽。如冬之日。耕者讓畔。百姓豐溢。惟我胡父。 恩惠難置。

    A song sung by people of Xiang Yang praising Hu Lei in doing a good job governing their county. His major contribution was the construction of dykes.

  • 渭州土產諺


    A folk saying concerning the good animals raised in Wei Zhou.

  • 石門俗語


    If one goes past Da Yu, then one's bad temperament departs from one. When one drinks water from Shi Men's Greedy Spring, then one becomes not-greedy.

  • 時人為張飛玉追馬歌


    Among men, there is the unusual man Zhang Fei, and among horses, there is his unusual horse named Yu Zhui.



Source:University of Va.