The Kingdom of Shu (蜀國) (221 A.D.-263 A.D.)

The Roar of Tiger


Generation Name Chinese Title Reign
1 Liu Bei 劉備 Emperor Zhao Lie 昭烈帝 221-223
2 Liu Chan 劉禪 Latter Ruler 後主 223-263

Liu Bei [ 劉備 - 一代梟雄 ]

The founder of the Shu Kingdom. He sold fans and shoes for living before joining the army to stop to Yellow Scarf Rebellion (黃巾之亂). He swore brotherhood with Guan Yu (關羽) and Zhang Fei (張飛). His force was very weak at the early time and he had served Gongsun Zan (公孫瓚), Cao Cao (曹操), Yuan Shao (袁紹) and Liu Biao (劉表). He was called by people the Imperial Uncle (皇叔) because he was the uncle of Han's Emperor Xian (漢獻帝), but who knows if this was true. His force became stronger after the joining of Zhuge Liang (諸葛亮) in 207. A year later Cao Cao attacked the South land and Liu Bei sent Zhuge Liang to Wu to make an alliance. The two forces combined together and defeated Cao Cao at the Battle of Red Wall (赤壁之戰). After this battle Cao Cao had to take a deep breath while Liu Bei started to gain more territories. He conquered the Jing State (荊州) and then eventually the Yi State (益州). A year after Cao Pi's (曹丕) seize of the Han Dynasty's throne (221), Liu Bei called himself the Emperor of Shu Han (蜀漢), as the continuation of the Han Dynasty. In 222, he attacked Wu to get the Jing State back (Guan Yu lost the state to Wu and was killed in 219), but was defeated by Lu Xun (陸遜). He retreated back to Bo Di (白帝), where he fell ill and died the year after at the age of 63. Before he died Liu Bei gave the total power of Shu to Zhuge Liang and expected him to help the heir Liu Chan (劉禪) in the future.

Liu Chan [ 劉禪 - 樂不思蜀, 扶不起的阿斗 ]

Liu Bei's (劉備) eldest son who lacked the talents to rule the kingdom. He became the second emperor of Shu at the age of 17. He paid much respect to the prime minister, Zhuge Liang (諸葛亮). However, when Zhuge Liang was not at the capital, the only people he trusted were the eunuchs. Many times Zhuge Liang had to retreat from the Northern Campaigns because Liu Chan listened to the eunuchs saying that Zhuge Liang has the ambition to take over the throne. After the great prime minister died, the successor Jiang Wei (姜維) had even more Northern Campaigns, nine. He also failed because of the same reason plus the weakened Shu could not provide more resources. In 263 Liu Chan surrendered to Wei. Shu Kingdom only lasted for 42 years.

Guan Yu [ 關羽 - 信義著素, 卻大意失荊州 ]

The sworn brother of Liu Bei (劉備) and Zhang Fei (張飛). He was a great general who was unbeatable in battlefields. He was once captured by Cao Cao (曹操) and was treated like a nobleman. However Guan Yu still remembered the oath of the Peach Garden and finally he went back to his old master. When Liu Bei conquered both Jing State (荊州) and Yi State (益州), Guan Yu was named the top of the Five Tiger Generals. He was also ordered to guard Jing State. He guarded there for more than ten years. The tragic flaw Guan Yu had was that he was too proud and it led to the loss of Jing State. He was captured by Sun Quan (孫權) along with Guan Pin (關平). The father and son were executed.

Zhang Fei [ 張飛 - 環眼猛將, 嗜酒如命 ]

The youngest of the sworn brothers. He was a great one-on-one fighter. Although he was well known for his lacking of strategies in battles, but he surprised Liu Bei (劉備) many times by using tactics during battles. Along with Guan Yu (關羽), Zhao Yun (趙雲), Ma Chao (馬超), and Huang Zhong (黃忠), they were named the Five Tiger Generals. After Guan Yu was killed by Sun Quan (孫權), Liu Bei attacked Wu seeking for taking Jing State (荊州) back and the revenge for Guan Yu, Zhang Fei was assassinated by his own generals. He was 55.

Zhuge Liang [ 諸葛亮 - 鞠躬盡悴, 死而後已 ]

Also know as "Hidden Dragon (伏龍)" or "Sleeping Dragon (臥龍)". One of the most outstanding politician during the RTK era. Kong Ming was visited by the unfortunate Liu Bei (劉備) three times and finally agreed to join him in 207. At that time he already predicted the land will be divided into three parts. One year later Cao Cao (曹操) attacked the South land. Liu Bei was defeated although Kong Ming burned the enemy twice resulting in the loss of Cao Cao's 200,000 soldiers. Then Kong Ming was sent to Wu to make an alliance with Sun Quan (孫權). Later the two forces joined and defeated Cao Cao at Red Cliff (赤壁). After the battle Kong Ming helped his master to take control of Jing State (荊州) and Yi State (益州). After Liu Bei died in 223, Kong Ming had to run the whole kingdom himself. He attacked Wei six times seeking for the restoration of the Han Dynasty. He never accomplish due to the weakness of Shu such as the population and food, but the main reason was the idiotic emperor Liu Chan (劉禪). The really tired Kong Ming fell ill and died during the sixth Northern Campaign. He was 54. The Kingdom of Shu was getting weaker and weaker after his death and eventually taken over by Wei 30 years later.

Zhao Yun [ 趙 雲 - 一身是膽 ]

A general with courage, intelligence, and loyalty. He had served Yuan Shao (袁紹) and Gongsun Zan (公孫瓚) before joining Liu Bei's (劉備) army. Zhao Yun saved his master's son Liu Chan (劉禪) twice. The first was from Cao Cao's (曹操) force. He struck into the enemies alone himself, saved the young child who was only 2, and returned to his master. The other time was from the Wu navy force. Also, he had been a bodyguard of Liu Bei, and Zhuge Liang (諸葛亮) for many times. Liu Bei titled him as one of Shu's Five Tiger Generals. Zhao Yun also fought in Zhuge Liang's first Northern Campaign at the age of 70, cutting down five generals of Wei in a row, father and four sons. Liu Bei complimented him, "Truly, the man is brave all through."

Recently a visitor wrote me about Zhao Yun's age and asked me to change the year of his birth because he should not be that old. I am sorry I can't do that, because I did not make the years up. I read through several books before I put down the years. Zhao Yun was said to be a young general when he first appeared in the novel, chapter 7, but the novel NEVER mentions his age until chapter 92, when Deng Zhi (鄧芝) says, "For a man of seventy years, you are unique and wonderful...." That year was 227 A.D. That was the ONLY clue in the novel to determine his age. Of course, in every single RTK games made by KOEI, Zhao Yu always gets the most handsome portrait, if not more handsome than Lu Bu (呂布). This makes us think that Zhao Yun should be a young man, but surely he was the second oldest among the Five Tiger Generals. Yes, he was older than Liu Bei (劉備) also. Okay, he was said to be "young" in chapter 7 (193 A.D.), and so he should not be 70 in the year 227, BUT there was no age mentioned in that chapter. Cao Hong (曹洪) was described by Cao Cao (曹操) as "young and impetuous" in chapter 58, and Cao Hong had to be in his 30's or 40's at that time (211 A.D.). There is no proof saying that Zhao Yun is a younger general. I have to stay with the year I already have, because it is from the sources I have.

Xu Shu 走馬薦諸葛

A great friend of Zhuge Liang's (諸葛亮). When Xu Shu was young, he killed a person to revenge his friend. Later his friends rescued him from the prison, and he changed his name to Shan Fu (單福). From that point on he started studying diligently. One of his teachers was Sima Hui (司馬徽), who told him to join the Imperial Uncle (皇叔), therefore Xu Shu became Liu Bei's first "official" advisor. After one great victory over Cao Cao's (曹操) right-hand-man Cao Ren (曹仁), Cheng Yu (程昱) wrote a fake letter saying that the mother of Xu Shu will be executed if her son won't come soon, and Xu Shu had to leave Liu Bei and join Cao Cao. Before he left, he introduced the Hidden Dragon (伏龍) and the Blooming Phoenix (鳳雛) to Liu Bei and told him their real names. The mother was shocked when she saw her son, after discovering what happened, she taunted at her son and then committed suicide. Xu Shu fell in deep sorrow and swore that he will never introduce a single tactic to Cao Cao. At the Battle of Red Wall (赤壁之戰), he discovered the chained ships would lead to a big fire-attack by the allied Liu Bei and Wu, but he didn't tell Cao Cao, and the Cao army was crushed.

Ma Chao [ 馬 超 - 神威天將軍 ]

One of Shu's Five Tiger Generals. Ma Chao was the descendant of early Latter Han's famous general Ma Yuan (馬援) and he was Ma Teng's (馬騰) eldest son. After Ma Teng was lured to the capital and murdered by Cao Cao (曹操), Ma Chao allied with Han Sui (韓遂) and attacked Cao Cao. Once Cao Cao had to cut his beard and throw away his robe in order to escape from Ma Chao. Ma Chao almost capture Cao Cao twice but his foe was saved by Cao Hong (曹洪) and Xu Chu (許褚). Although Ma Chao overpowered Cao Cao, but Han Sui surrendered to Cao later on and Ma Chao was then defeated. He fled to serve Zhang Lu (張魯), who sent him to attack Liu Bei (劉備). Liu Bei loved Ma Chao's skills and used Zhuge Liang's (諸葛亮) strategy which made Ma Chao join the Liu army. Ma Chao then attack Yi State (益州) and Liu Zhang (劉璋) surrendered. Later when Liu Bei attacked Cao Cao's Han Zhong (漢中), Ma Chao fought in battles and Cao Cao had to give up that region.

Huang Zhong [ 黃 忠 - 老當益壯 ]

The famous old general who was also one of the Five Tiger Generals of the Shu Kingdom. Huang Zhong first served Liu Biao (劉表), after Liu Biao died, he served Han Xuan (韓玄). When Liu Bei (劉備) attacked Han Xuan, Huang Zhong was ordered to fight against Guan Yu (關羽), they fought for three days and there was no winner or loser. Because of this Han Xuan thought Huang Zhong was a traitor and ordered his immediate death. Right before the execution Wei Yan (魏延) ran in, killed the executioner, and then killed Han Xuan. Wei Yan brought Han Xuan's head and surrendered to Guan Yu. Huang Zhong first refused to surrender, but after he saw how well Liu Bei treated him, he decided to fight for the new master. The old man gave much effort during the taking of Yi State (益州), and the battles against Cao Cao (曹操) at Han Zhong (漢中). He even cut down Cao Cao's brother-like general Xiahou Yuan (夏侯淵). Later when Liu Bei attacked Wu in 222, Huang Zhong, who was 75 at the time, was on the front line and killed several Wu generals, but he went alone into the enemies and fell into enemy's trap and was shot by an arrow. He was injured, but also because of his old age, he died at the same night in the camp of Shu army.

Wei Yan [ 魏 延 - 腦後有反骨, 久後必反 ]

Formerly served Liu Biao (劉表). Wei Yan joined Liu Bei (劉備) after killing Han Xuan (韓玄) and saving Huang Zhong (黃忠). He fought in the conquering of Yi State (益州) and countless battles later on. After the Five Tiger Generals died, Wei Yan became the number one general of the kingdom. During the first Northern Campaign, he advised Zhuge Liang (諸葛亮) to surprise attack Chang An (長安) where Wei was defenseless, but Zhuge Liang thought it was too dangerous and didn't accept it. After Zhuge Liang's death in 234, Wei Yan was really angry that he wasn't the chosen successor and planned to betray Shu Kingdom. However he was cut down in battlefield by Zhuge Liang's plan made before his death.

Pang Tong 魂斷落鳳坡的鳳雛

Nicknamed "Blooming Phoenix" and a close friend to Zhuge Liang (諸葛亮). During the Battle of Red Wall (赤壁之戰), Pang Tong talked Cao Cao (曹操) into chaining all his ship together, and Zhou Yu (周瑜) was able to destroy Cao Cao's fleet with fire. Later, Lu Su (魯肅) introduced the phoenix to Sun Quan (孫權), but Pang Tong wasn't hired because of his strange appearance. The disappointed man then went to Liu Bei (劉備), but Liu Bei didn't treat him too much better and sent him to govern a small town. He stayed there for 3 months and did nothing but drink wine. This angered Liu Bei and he sent Zhang Fei (張飛) and Sun Qian (孫乾) to the town. Surprising Zhang and Sun, the Phoenix showed his talents and finished all the works for 3 months in one day. Now Pang Tong was named the 2nd advisor and went with Liu Bei to the Yi State (益州). Tragically the Phoenix was shot by thousands of arrows at the Hill of Fallen Phoenix at the age of 36.

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