Calligraphy and Landscape (part) Wang Duo [王铎] 

Qing Dynasty / Dated 1649
Abe Collection
handscroll, ink on satin

Chunhuagetie is the collected album of stone-carved 
calligraphy masterpieces, commissioned by the Song 
Dynasty Emperor Tai Zong. This is a calligraphic copy 
of Chunhuagetie with a landscape scene depicted between 
the writings. The Chunhuagetie served as a textbook 
that was copied by aspiring scholars as a part of 
calligraphy exercises. Combining the copy of such a classic 
text with the landscapes and attempting to absorb the old 
styles of writing and the old masters'painting techniques 
at the same time convey clearly the desire to emulate the 
classics in both calligraphy and painting.


Wang Duo (1592-1652) Ming Dynasty

Wang Duo was born in Mengjin, Henan Province. He is also known by his literary names of Shiqiao, ChiAn, etc. He was reconized during the Ming Dynasty and was appointed as the Scholar of the court in the Qing Dynasty. He was famous of his style to add importance to expressing emotion in his calligraphy.
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