Lanting Xu - by Wang XiZhi

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What is Lanting Xu ?

Lanting Xu (also known as Lanting JiXu ) is the "Preface to the Lanting Collection of Poems," composed and hand-written by the great Chinese calligrapher, Wang XiZhi in which he described a Summer Outing at a place called Lanting.

When Did This Occur?

In the Third Month of 9-th Year, Reign of Yong He, East Jin Dynasty. It was in the Year 353 AD by the Western calendar.
The time is late Spring.

Where Did It Take Place?

At a place called Lanting, on the out skirts of the Town of ShaoXing, which is about 90 minutes by train from HangZhou. (See map) Lanting is a small Roadside Shelter, like the modern day bus stop, originally built during the Han Dynasty.

The word "lan" means orchids, and "ting" means pavilion; so the structure is also known as the "Orchard Pavilion."

Full text of Lanting Xu

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Partial text with annotations

Eight Pillars Pavillion of Lanting

The original of Wang's Lanting was long lost. There are 3 known copies of the original in existance.

The original Lanting Xu by 王羲之 was, according to legend, buried with Emperor 唐 太 宗 when he died. The three copies that exist to-date were later copies written by
虞 世 南 , 褚 遂 良 , 馮 承 素 。

Ref:The Shanghai Bookstore, ( ISBN 7-80569-341-2/J.140 )

Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty [] was a great admirer of Wang Xizhi, and he built a special Pavilion, now known as Eight Pillars Pavilion of Lanting
There are eight stone pillars in the Pavillion, on which are carved three versions of Lanting Xu copies.

(Partial - Panel 1 - Lower portion cut off)

Complete Lanting Xu

The complete calligraphy is presented here.

Scroll at Vancouver Library

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