Zhang Xu ีละ๑
The Ministers

Ink rubbing on rice paper, Northern Song

Zhang Xu was the initiator of wild-cursive script. He began to write when half drunk with wine, and thought those tipsy script superb work. The eccentricity gave him the nickname "crazy Zhang". Though wildly bizarre, his cursive script had a solid foundation in regular script - each stroke was conformed to the established rules. For his mad while disciplined script, he is the only figure has provoked no criticism throughout the history of Chinese calligraphy.

This work is his only surviving writing in regular script. Sedate, elegant, and clean, it shows his great attainment in regular script tradition. Once a preface stone to authorize a commendation inscription of cabinet ministers, the stele was lost long ago, and the rubbing in this copybook is from the only copy extant. Copybook for Chinese calligraphy