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Picture of the Month


Listening to the sound of Chinese
Poetry Reading


Appreciation of Art of Calligraphy
Chinese calligraphy

Graphic Arts

Classical Paintings
Paintings Gallery
Portraits of Chinese Emperors
Portrait gallery
Graphic Art and Printing
Colorful New Year Graphics


Chinese Poetry
Some of the great Chinese poets
Poems in English translation
Poetry Reading
Moon in Poetry
Wine in Poetry
Love in Poetry


Chinese Classics
Sayings of Sages- selected passages in English


Classic novels


Art Museum
Four Arts of a Scholar
Art of Seal Carving


Sciences, mathematics, astronomy, medicine


Zen Buddhism


Chinese History
Chronology of Chinese Dynasties
Dragons in ancient China
Silkroad - Dunhuang Arts
Sea Routes by Zheng He [Cheng Ho]
Luqou Qiao - Luqou Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge)
8 Immortals in Chinese Mythology
Ballad of Mulan
Battle of the Red Cliff
Return of Aomen (Macao)
Chinese New Year
Iran general migrated to China in Tang Dynasty


Buy books on the Internet
Web sites for learning Chinese
World Literature - Chinese Translation
Chinese Story / Parable
Couplet or Duilian
A Is for Love - Flash cards
A Lion-eating Poet - Showing Chinese is a tonal language
Chinese & English-Chinese dictionaries
Chinese names

Some Chinese Words


Beijing Opera
Peony Pavilion


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The Grand Canal
Zheng He [Cheng Ho] , the great mariner
Sand storm from Gobi Desert

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