C h i n a   t h e   B e a u t i f u l

Globe The globe you see above is a real satellite photo taken from a height of 35,785 km directly above China; at the position latitude 47 N, and longitude 117 E.   For an enlarged view, click here.

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Flood Conditions in China - Summer 1998
Satellite photos taken by NOAA
13-Aug-1998 (894k) Yangtze River 20-Aug-1998 (987k) Nen & Songhua Rivers 21-Aug-1998 (944k) Nen & Songhua Rivers

Great Wall of China

For a clearer view of the Great Wall, taken by radar from the space, click here.

The Great Wall is about 3,000 Km long. These photos cover only a section of about 150 Km. west of Beijing.
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Photos of Yellow River Region taken in 1996-97

NASA photo View of the Silkroad

Maps of China