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Long Duilian at Daguanlou

The most famous long couplet


  • 數千年往事 注到心頭。把酒凌虛  歎滾滾英雄誰在。想 漢習樓船 唐標鐵柱 宋揮玉斧 元跨革囊。偉烈豐功 費 儘移山心力。儘珠簾畫棟 卷不及暮雨朝雲。便斷碣殘碑 都付 與 蒼煙落照。只贏得 幾杵疏鐘 半江漁火 兩行秋雁 一枕清霜。 五百里滇池 奔來眼底。披襟岸幘 喜茫茫空闊無邊。看 東驤神駿 西翥靈儀 北走蜿蜒 南翔縞素。高人韻士 何妨選胜登臨。趁蟹嶼螺洲 梳裹就風鬟霧鬢。更蘋天葦地 點綴些翠羽丹霞。莫孤負 四圍香稻 萬頃晴沙 九夏芙蓉 三春楊柳。

    View of Daguanlou Pavilion

    Correspondence from Julian:

    Dear Ming and friends,

    I just came back from my China/Hong Kong trip. I took a 7 day tour to 雲 南 and visited such places as 昆 明 , 石 林 , 麗 江 , 大 理.

    My special interest during the tour is to be able to read the famous 大 觀 樓 長 聯 . Now I know what is the "official" and "correct" version of the couplet. I did a proof-reading of your posting and found the following "typos".

    1. 辜 (莫 辜 負 ) should be 孤
    2. 臨 ( 把 酒 臨 虛 )should be 凌
    3. 嘆 ( 嘆 滾 滾 ) should be 歎
    4.盡 ( 盡 珠 簾 ) should be 儘
    5. 与 ( 都 付 与 )should be 與

    The rest are all correct. My small contribution to your page : )

    Julian. 1/24/2002
    Note: Above corrected by MLP 1/26/2002

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