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Portraits of Chinese Emperors

Qin, Han, Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties

Historical portrait paintings

San Huang (Three Kings)

Wu Di (Five Emperors)

Xia Dynasty

Shang Dynasty

Zhou Dynasty

Qin Dynasty

    [] Qin Shi Huangdi - "First Emperor of Qin Dynasty"

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Han Dynasty

Sui Dynasty

Tang Dynasty


[] Emperor Taizong [Tai-tsung], Tang Dynasty (626-649)
The second emperor of the Tang Dynasty.
[] Empress Wu Zetian(684-705)






Song Dynasty

Northern Song Dynasty

[] Emperor Taizu [Tai-tsu] , the first emperor

[]Emperor Taizong

[]Emperor Zhengzong

[] Emperor Renzong






Southern Song Dynasty










Yuan Dynasty

[ ] Genghis Khan
Portrait of Genghis Khan in his sixties, following his conquests. Painted by a Chinese artist on stretched silk.
Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

[]TaiZong [Ogadei Khan]

[] Khubilai Khan (Shizu)[Shih-tsu] , first emperor of Yuan Dynasty

[]Queen of Khubilai Khan (Shizi)[Shih-tsu] , first empress of Yuan Dynasty

[]ChengZong [Temur Oljeitu]

[]WuZong [KhaiShan]

[]RenZong [Ayurbarwada]

[]WenZong [Tugh Temur]

[]NingZong [Renqinbar]

[]Shundi[Tohan Temur]

Ming Dynasty

[] Emperor Taizu [Tai-tsu], Ming Dynasty
First Emperor of the Ming dynasty.

[ ] Emperor Chengzu [Cheng-tsu] , Ming Dynasty

    Third emperor of the Ming dynasty. Reign of Yongle [Yung-lo]
    In the collection of National Palace Museum, Taipei
    This painting was exhibited at the Metropolitan Mesem of Art from March 19-May 19, 1996

    He moved the Capital from Nanjing to Beijing, and built the Imperial Palace ("The Forbidden City").

  • Yong Le

  • Yong Le

  • Yong Le 2






[] ShiZong






Qing Dynasty

[ ] TaiZu

[] TaiZong

[] ShiZu ShunZhi


  • ShengZu KangXi

    Kangxi was the 4-th emperor of the Qing Dynasty. He ascended to the throne at the age of seven, and ruled for sixty years.

    The portrait shows the young emperor Kangxi, sitting at his writing table and holding a thick writing brush. On the marble top of the table there are paper, ink, brush and inkstone, the "Four Treasures of the Study"; they are the tools of the painter and calligrapher.

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[] ShiZong YongZheng

[] GaoZong Qianlong

[] RenZong JiaQing

[] XuanZong DaoGuang

[] WenZong XianFeng

[ ] Express Dowager CiXi [Tzu-hsi] [] MuZong TongZhi

[] DeZong GuangXu

[] PuYi


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