- How do you set Chinese as the language for Microsoft Windows?
  1. Start the Microsoft Windows Browser IE (version 5, or 5.5 or 6.0)

    The top left corner of your screen will show this.

    Click on "View" to open a "drop down menu."

  2. The screen now shows the drop-down menu.

    Click on the word "Encoding" to bring out another sub-menu as shown on the right side above.

  3. On this sub-menu, you will see a list of languages. "Western Europeon (Windows)" is the default language, because you bought the U.S. version of Windows. It is being used, if you see a black dot in front of it.
    You may, and may not, see the two Chinese languages shown Above.
    If you see them, go to the next step.
    If there are not listed, then click on "More", which will bring out the full-list of languages. Click on the Chinese language to move it into the sub-menu.
    If you do not see the Chinese languages, then you do not yet have the Chinese fonts installed.

  4. Click on either "Chinese Simplified (GB2312)" or "Chinese Traditional)". By this action, you tell the Windows to read Chinese!!!
    Now, the black dot is in front of the Chinese font. You are done. The menu closes by itself. END.
  5. If the Chinese language fonts are not listed, you must download them from Microsoft (free) and install them on your computer. Details are explained elsewhere.
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