Capital City of China
throughout the history

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  1. Beijing
    Present day capital of China
    Capital of Qing Dynasty
  2. Nanjing
    Capital of Republic of China
  3. Hangzhou
    Southern Song Dynasty (1132-1276)
  4. Kaifeng
    It then became the capital of the Kingdom of Wei in the Warring Sates Period (475-331 B.C.), the Liang, Han and Zhou dynasties of the five Dynasties (907-960). the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1137) and the Jin Dynasty (1115-1334). The Northern Song, in particular, established its capital in Kaifeng for 168 years
  5. Luoyang
    Founded in 1200 bc, it was China's capital for 10 dynasties until the Northern Song Dynasty (10-th century A.D.)
  6. Xi'an
    Capital of Chou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang Dynasty

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