China, Mongolia finalize 4,677-km border

China, Mongolia finalize 4,677-km border


Updated: 2005-11-30 16:23

Mongolian President Nambaryn Enkhbayar said Wednesday that China and Mongolia have reached a final agreement on the exact demarcation of their 4,677-kilometer border, the longest for both countries.

After four years of talks, Enkhbayar signed a series of border-related agreements with Chinese leaders in Beijing, giving Mongolia for the first time in recent history a fully defined national boundary.

The two countries also agreed to install 1,513 border demarcation posts, Enkhbayar said at a press conference in Beijing.

Neither country's size changes as a result of the border agreement, Mongolian Foreign Minister Tsend Munh-Orgil said.

Mongolia signed a border agreement with Russia, its only other neighbor, in 2003. Mongolia's territory has shifted numerous times over centuries of conquest and conflict with its neighbors.

"So now we have our borderline clearly defined and checked and signed officially," Enkhbayar said, adding that the agreement would be recognized by the United Nations and other international agencies.

The two nations also agreed to respect each other's full independence.

"Both sides reaffirmed an agreement of mutual respect for independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and all kinds of self-chosen paths to development, never to impose military or political alliances on the other and not to sign anything that hurts the rights or interests of the other," the countries said in a joint statement.

The border was one of many meaty issues that Enkhbayar and 10 other Mongolian officials took up with senior Chinese officials, including President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao. Enkhbayar is spending five days in China on his first official visit since being elected May 22. He arrived in China on Monday.


Mongolia is a land-locked country, which borders Russia to its North and China to its South.

The total length of the border is 4,677 km (compared to U.S.-Mexico border of 3,130 km.)

Along the Chinese border, Mongolia borders on 2 Chinese provinces and 3 Autonomous Regions. These are:

  • Heilongjiang Province
  • Nei Menggu Autonomous Region
  • Lingxia Autonomous Region
  • Gansu Province
  • Xikiang Autonomous Region