Shaolin Temples

(1) The most important Shaolin Temple site is the one in Henan Province near the city of Zhengzhou.

The world-famous Shaolin Temple is located at the foot of the Wuru Peak of the Shaoshi Mountain northwest of the county seat of Dengfeng, Henan Province. It was first built in the nineteenth year of the reign of Emperor Taihe of the Northern Wei Dynasty (495 A. D.). People of the Buddhist circles call Dhavma the "Founder" of the Chan sect in China and Shaolin Temple is honored as the "Founder's Court". Shaolin Temple covers a large area in which are scattered all kinds of buildings. The Shaolin Wushu is known all over the world. There also Shaolin Wushu organizations in Japan, Singapore, America and Switzerland which frequently send their members to visit Shaolin Temple and learn Shaolin Wushu.

The location of this temple is marked as (1) on this map.

Generally, One can travel by air to Zhengzhou from many cities and visit Shaolin Temple by local tour bus (80 km).