Father and mother, hearing of their daughter's return,
Go outside the city walls to help and support her by the hand.
Elder sister, hearing the younger one's return,
Goes over her rouge make-up in front of the door.
Litter brother, hearing elder sister's return,
Sharpen the knife, swish-swashing toward the pig and sheep.
I open the door to my eastern chamber;
I sit on the bed in my western chamber.
I slip off my wartime robe,
And put on my old-time dress.
Facing the window, I arrange my cloud-like hair;
Looking into the mirror, I adorn myself with a yellow patch.
I go out the door to greet my messmates,
And they are all stunned with surprise:
Though they have marched with her for twelve years,
They have not known that Mulan is a girl.
The male rabbit has skipping legs,
The female rabbit has bleary eyes;
The two walk side by side on the ground
And none can tell the male from the female.