Book of Mencius - Notes

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John H.Jenkins
5 January 1993


"The Chinese Classics with a Translation, Critical and Exegetical Notes, Prolegomena, and Copius Indexes," James Legge, trans., Taipei: Southern Materials Center Publishing, Inc., 1991. (Chinese text with English translation)

Neither the Big Five nor GB contain all the characters used in this text. Missing characters have been indicated using their Unicode/ISO 10646 code points. "U+" followed by four hexadecimal digits indicates a Unicode/10646 code (e.g., U+9F08). There is no good solution to the problem of the small size of the Big Five/GB character sets; this represents the solution I find personally most satisfactory. (At least people with a copy of _The Unicode Standard_, vol. 2, can look up the missing characters, and conversion to Unicode-based systems--when they become available--will be smooth.)