Liu Bang  

Dafeng Ge (Song)

Liu Bang
       Liu Bang (259-195 BC), one  of  the  leaders  of  the  peasant
insurrections in the late Qin Dynasty,  was  from  Pei  ( today's
Feng County, Jiangsu Province). His style name was Ji.  After  defeating
Xiang Yu, another leader of the peassant army, he unified China  in  202
BC. and established the Han Dynasty, which lasted for some 400 years.
He  ruled  as Han Dynasty's founding Emperor  for twelve years.


A great wind rises,
    Clouds fly and scatter;
With power over the four seas,
    I return to my homeland;
Where shall I get brave warriors
     to safeguard the four qrarters?
                      (Tr.Ronald C. Miao)


Liu Bang wrote this poem at wine party he gave in his  hometown  after
putting down Ying Bu's armed rebellion in 195 B. C..

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