Shi Jing
[Shih Ching] Book of Odes
卷耳 003

卷耳 3 采采卷耳,不盈頃筐。 嗟我懷人,寘彼周行。 陟彼崔嵬,我馬虺隤。 我姑酌彼金曐,維以不永懷。 陟彼高岡,我馬玄黃。 我姑酌彼兕觥,維以不永傷。 陟彼砠矣,我馬瘏矣, 我仆痡矣,云何吁矣!


卷耳:又名苍耳,菊科一年生草本 植物,果实呈枣核形, 上有钩刺,名“苍耳子”,可做药 用。嫩苗可食。
    I was gathering and gathering the mouse-ear ,
    But could not fill my shallow basket .
    With a sigh for the man of my heart ,
    I placed it there on the highway .

    I was ascending that rock-covered height ,
    But my horses were too tired to breast it .
    I will now pour a cup from that gilded vase ,
    Hoping I may not have to think of him long .

    I was ascending that lofty ridge ,
    But my horses turned of a dark yellow .
    I will now take a cup from that rhinoceros' horn ,
    Hoping I may not have long to sorrow .

    I was ascending that flat-topped height ,
    But my horses became quite disabled ,
    And my servants were [also] disabled .
    Oh ! how great is my sorrow ! 


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