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Deer Park Hermitage

So Lone seem the hills; there is no one in sight there.

But whence is the echo of voices I hear?

The rays of the sunset pierce slanting the forest,

And in their reflection green mosses appear.

tr. W.J.B. Fletcher, 1919

There seems to be no one on the empty mountain...

And yet I think I hear a voice,

Where sunlight, entering a grove,

Shines back to me from the green moss.

tr. Witter Bynner & Kiang Kang-hu, 1929

An empty hill, and no one in sight

But I hear the echo of voices.

The slanting sun at evening penetrates the deep woods

And shines reflected on the blue lichens.

tr. Soame Jenyns, 1944

La Forêt

Dans la montagne tout est solitaire,

On entend de bien loin l'écho des voix humaines,

Le soleil qui pénètre au fond de la forêt

Reflete son éclat sur la mousee vert.

tr. G. Margoulies, 1948

Through the deep woods, the slanting sunlight

Casts motley patterns on the jade-green mosses.

No glimpse of man in this lonely mountain,

Yet faint voices drift on the air.

tr. Chang Yin-nan & Lewis C. Walmsley, 1958

On the lone mountain

I meet no one,

I hear only the echo

At an angle the sun's rays

       enter the depths of the wood,

And shine        

        upon the green moss.

tr. C.J. Chen & Michael Bullock, 1960

On the empty mountains no one can be seen,

Bt human voices are heard to resound.

The reflected sunlight pieces the deep forest

And falls again upon the mossy ground.

tr. James J.Y. Liu, 1962

Clos aux cerfs

Montgne déserte. Personne n'est en vue.

Seuls, les échos des voix résonnent, au loin.

Ombres retournent dans las forêt profonde:

Dermier éclat de la mousse, vert.

tr. François Cheng

Deep in the mountain wilderness

Where nobody ever comes

Only once in a great while

Something like the sound of a far-off voice.

The low ray of the sun

Slip through the dark forest,

And gleam again on the shadowy moss.

tr. Kenneth Rexroth, 1990

Empty hills, no on in sight,

only the sound of someone talking;

late sunlight enters the deep wood,

shining over the green moss again.

tr. Burton Watson, 1971

Empty mountain: no man is seen,
But voices of men are heard.
Sun's reflection reaches into the woods
And shines upon the green moss.

tr. Wai-lim Yip, 1972

Hills empty, no one to be seen

We hear only voices echoed -

With light coming back into the deep wood

The top of the green moss is lit again.

tr. G.W. Robinson, 1997

En la Ermita del Parque de los Venados

No se ve gente en este monte.

Sólo se oyen, lejos, voces.

Por hos ramajes lasluz rompe.

Tendida entre las yerba brilla verde.

tr. Octavio Paz, 1974

- Eliot Weinberger & Octavio Paz

In empty mountains no one can be seen.

But here might echoing voices cross.

Reflecting rays
     entering the deep wood

Glitter again
     on the dark green moss.

tr. William McNaughton, 1974

Not the shadow on a man on the deserted hill -

And yet one hears voices speaking;

Deep in the seclusion of the woods,

Stray shafts of the sun pick out the green moss.

tr. H.C. Chang, 1977

Empty mountains:
     no one to be seen.

Yet - hear -
     human sounds and echoes.

Returning sunlight
     enters the dark woods;

Again shining
     on the green moss, above.

tr. Gary Snyder, 1978

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