A Poem by Li Qingzhao with English Translation

	      To the tune of 
     Intoxicated Under the Shadow of Flowers
	      The Double Ninth Festival

  Light mists and heavy clouds,
		melancholy the long dreary day,
      In the golden censer   
		the burning incense is dying away.
      It is again time
		for the lovely Double Ninth festival;
       The coolness of midnight
	  penetrates my screen of shear silk
		and chills my pillow of jade.

  After drinking wine after twilight
		under the chrysanthemum hedge,
      My sleeves are perfumed
		by the faint fragrance of the plants.
      Oh, I cannot say it is not enchanting,
	Only, when the west wind stirs the curtain,
      I see that I am more gracile
			 than the yellow flowers.

		 Poem By Li Qingzhao   tr. Lucy Chow Ho