Li Qingzhao


To the Tune of Mulberry Picking

	Who planted the bajiao tree under my windows?
	Its shade fills the courtyard;
	Its shade fills the courtyard....
	Leaf to leaf, heart to heart,
	   folding and unfolding,
	      It expresses boundless affection.
	Sad and broken-hearted, lying awake on my pillow,
	   Late into the night
	      I hear the sound of rain.
	It drips and splashes, cool and melancholy;
	It drips and splashes, cool and melancholy....
	Lonely for my beloved, grief-stricken,
	   I cannot endure the mournful sound
	      of rain.
	* Ba jiao [pa chiao] belongs to the musa family, grown for
	  the ornament of their large striking foliage. Lucy Chow Ho