China able to build 1-million-kw nuclear power plant: engineer¡¡
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2004-05-13 10:44

China is ready to build by itself nuclear generating unit with a capacity of 1 million kw with the help of latest foreign designing software, according to a renowned engineer.

Ye Qizhen, chief designer of the second-phase project of the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant and academician of the Chinese Academyof Engineering, told Xinhua that Chinese engineers can easily develop the 1-million-kw nuclear generating unit on the basis of the 600,000-kw one, only with the introduction of necessary advanced designing software from other countries.

The second phase of the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant consists oftwo generating units each with an installed capacity of 650,000 kw.

The No. 2 generating unit of the second-phase project of the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, located in Haiyan County of Zhejiang Province, east China, started commercial operation Monday, signaling that China completed its first self-developed nuclear power plant.

The main facilities of the Qinshan plant's second phase are similar with those to make a 1-million-kw nuclear power plant except the core generating unit, Ye said.

"We will be able to reach that if research on the generating unit and digital control system goes on and the latest designing software is introduced," he said.

China has skilled engineers to build nuclear power plants afterover 20 years of civil application of nuclear power, he said.

There are four nuclear power plants in China. Besides Qinshan, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant and Ling'ao Nuclear Power Plant are operating in Guangdong Province in the south, and Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant is being built in Lianyungang City of Jiangsu Provincein northeast China.


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