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Locations of power plants

nuclear plants in Guangdong Province


News about Major Nuclear Projects

  • 瓦房店 Dalian, Liaoning Plant (planned)

  • Tianwan Shandong Plant
  • Tianwan Nuclear Plant, Jiangsu
  • 田湾核电站
    Map of Tianwan, Liangyungang
    China's first nuclear plant built with Russian technology.

  • Qin Shan Nuclear Power Plants
  • San Men Nuclear Power Plant Map of Sanmen
  • Daya Wan Nuclear Power Plants Map of DayaWen
  • Ling'ao Nuclear Plant, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

  • Hydro-electric Power

    Coal-fired Power Plants

    By far most electricity in China are generated by coal-fired power plants.


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    Geothermal Power

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