Last updated at: (Beijing Time) Saturday, February 28, 2004

No. 2 system of Qinshan No. 2 nuclear power plant successful in critical experiment

At 13:19 Feb. 25, China's first self-designed and self-built national commercial nuclear power plant - the No. 2 system of Qinshan No. 2 Nuclear Power Plant saw the success of the first critical experiment. This marks the No. 2 system of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant has entered the stage of the experiment on nuclear power rate and will start generation.

The success of the critical experiment indicates the beginning of the self-perpetuating fission chain reaction of the system's nuclear reactor, like the formal ignition of the boiler at a thermal power plant. This, much important for the adjustment of a nuclear power plant, fully proves that the No. 2 system is reliable in terms of the quality of the construction and adjustment.

According to Li Yongjiang, manager of the Nuclear Power Qinshan Joint Venture Corp., Ltd, presently, the construction and adjustment of the No. 2 system are going on smoothly and generation is expected to start in March 2004 and commercial operation hopefully in June to effectively ease the current power shortage of east China grid.

Qinshan No. 2 Nuclear Power Plant is China's first large commercial nuclear power plant based on individual design, construction, management and operation with two nuclear systems with a total capacity of 600, 000 KWs. The No. 1 system, put into operation since April 15, 2002, has always been in safe and stable operation. Till the 14 hours of Feb. 25, the No. 1 system has accumulatively generated electricity of 9.056 billion KWHs, making great contribution to the development of the national economy.

Sources say the Nuclear Power Qinshan Joint Venture Corp., Ltd undertaking the construction and operation of the No. 2 system is rushing the preparation of the application for the expansion of No. 3 and No. 4 systems to further push the construction of China's nuclear power plants.


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