Battle of the Red Cliff - Chibi


Qian Chibi Fu (First Ode of Red Cliff)

Qian Chibifu recitation


Ode of Red Cliff
Calligraphy by [Zhao MengFu][Chao Meng-Fu] (1254-1322)Yuan Dynasty


Ode of Red Cliff
Calligraphy by Zhu Yunming ף


Ode of Red Cliff

English translation
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A Painting of Red Cliff (Section)

By Wu YuanZhi (1100 ad)

This is a view from the west (south) bank, with the river flowing from left to right.

Larger view.  

Red Cliff at Night
by Fu BaoShi


Poems by Xin QiJi



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Poem by Du Mu

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Poem by Li Bai

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Location and Maps of Red Cliff

Red Cliff is on the southern bank of Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) some 100 km up river from the City of WuHan, Hubei Province. Although Yangtze River generally flows from West to East, at this point, the river actually flows in the Northeasternly direction.

Map of China showing Hubei Province
Map of Hubei showing Red Cliff or Chibi
Detail Map showing location of Chibi
Where is the actual site?
A recent photo of Red Cliff - Chibi, China
Partial Collpse of Red Cliff - Chibi - recent News report


Chapters depicting the Battle of Red Cliff from the Novel
Three Kingdoms

By Luo Guanzhong

- Complete text in Chinese 


Calligraphy of Su Shi's Ode of Red Cliff

Stone Rubbings scanned by R. Chiang


Ode of Red Cliff (partial)

By Su Shi

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