Map of Huaihe

Huai River (Huaihe) is about mid-way between Yellow River (Huanghe) and Yangzi River. Like them it runs from west to east.
However, it does not run all the way out to the sea. This makes it very venerable to flooding.

Huaihe River DEvelopment

Huai River flood in Summer 2007

In the summer of 2007, Huai He experienced the greatest flood in 50 years!
News report 7-12-2007


Huai River flood in Summer 2003

News report 7-8-2003 [Chinese text]

News report 7-15-2003 [Chinese text]

Flood level at the city gate of Shou Xian

July 28,2003. - Water level finally receded to below the Flood Warning Level.


Flood of Huai River in 2006

Flood affects 10 mln people in E. China July 2006


Flood-control Project to Re-direct Huai River to sea

Largest flood-control project in recent history


淮河入海水道近期工程通水 已具备行洪条件(图)

Project Completed 2006 | More