China the Beautiful

I Dreamt I was a Butterfly

by Zhuangzi - [Chuang-Tse]

One day about sunset, Zhuangzi dozed off and dreamed that he turned into a butterfly.

He flapped his wings and sure enough he was a butterfly...

What a joyfull feeling as he fluttered about, he completely forgot that he was Zhuangzi.

Soon though, he realized that that proud butterfly was really Zhuangzi who dreamed he was a butterfly, or was it a butterfly who dreamed he was Zhuangzi!

Maybe Zhuangzi was the butterfly, and maybe the butterfly was Zhungzi? This is what is menat by the "transformation of things."

- Zhuang Zi (369?-286? b.c.)

tr. Brian Bruya

What is the debate on the logics in this story?

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