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The Sky is Falling
(so worried the man from Qi.)

Once there was a man from Qi, who was worried about falling sky and sinking earch.

A friend, worried about his worrying, came to calm him.

He said to the man, "The sky is all air, nothing but air. As you inhale and exhale, and breathe air into the sky all day long, there is no need to worry about falling sky."

The man then asked, "So the sky is just air. Then what about the Sun, the Moon and the stars falling from the sky?"

He replied, "These are only twinkling objects of air. Even if they fall, they won't hurt you."

The man continued, "What about sinking earth?"

He replied, "The earch is made up of solid blocks of earth, which filled up all spaces. There are no empty spaces. If you stamp you feet on the ground all day, the earth will not sink."

Hearing this, the man is very happy. The friend is very happy.

-Lie Zi, Han Dynasty

What is the moral of this story?
    The man is worried needlessly. His friend calmed him with faulty explanations. Should you worry?
Have you heard the story of Chicken Little in the Western literature?

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