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White Horse is Not Horse
(A discourse on logic)

Man: 'White horse in not horse.' True?
QSL: Yes.

Man: Why?
QSL: 'Horse' defines an animal; 'White' defines a color.
        Specifying color is not specifying animal.
        Hence, 'White horse is not horse.'

Man: 'Have horse' is not the same as 'Have no horse'.
        Is not 'Have no horse' the same as 'not horse'?
        But 'Have white horse' is the same 'Have horse - white'.
        Why is 'White Horse' 'Not Horse'?
QSL: If you want a horse, any yellow or black horse will do.
        If you want a white horse, yellow or black forse will not do.
        If white horse were the same as horse, then you want the
        same thing. If it were the same thing, then the horse need
        not be white. If it makes no differnece, then yellow or
        black horse will do.




-Gongsun Long, Six Warring States - 6th century

What is the logic in this story?
    Is it important to understand logic?
Have you debates on logic in the Western literature?

Note: Gongsun is the first name; Long is the last name.

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