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Some Chinese Words

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Written Chinese is well known for its beauty

A few randomly chosen Chinese words are here just for you to look at. These are regular printed words you see in Chinese textbooks, newspapers and Chinese websites.


Various fonts

Anyone can produces these (just have to buy the fonts). The fonts are fancy; but they are not calligraphy.





Bigger Biggest



Dao (Tao)


Great Wall

Eternity, forever

Endure, Forbear, Tolerate

unity - determination


woman              beauty

fire             water

earth           metal          wood





qi (vital energy)

Feng Shui




Famous Quotations

Read a few of these famous Chinese quotations, and get an exposure of what Chinese words and phrases are like.
Chinese sentences and phrases are composed of Chinese words, in the same way as English sentences and phrases are composed of English words.

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Calligraphy is considered one of the highest art of scholarship. Here are a few exeamples by the great masters of Chinese calligraphers.

Note: There are far too many websites showing bad calligraphy written by illiterates and fools. The only way not to be fooled by them is to study the works of great masters.

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How Many Chinese words are there?

No one knows for sure.

High school students learns less than 1,000 words. A college student probably has a vacabulary of some 4,000 words. Good newspapers equivalent to the New York Times use perhaps 2,000 words.

To read or write Chinese by computers, each word is coded by a number, just as English alphebets are coded in ASCII. One such standard code, called the GB code, has about 2,000 words.

On the Internet, there are a number of Chinese word lists you can easily access. These contain anywhere from 3,000 to 138,614 words. These are of interests to scholars mostly.

Word lists by Chih-Hao Tsai



Chinese words are seen sometimes on tattoos. We don't approve of tattoos. But if one must, at least be sure of the meaning of the words, and get a copy of good calligraphy.

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